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By using a wide aperture, the background which would normally be busy and distracting can be transformed into something that blends in with the subject. In this case the potted cactus is on the desk with various items all around. The white box becomes interesting without detracting from the main subject. Settings 58mm vintage lens, f/2 1/100 sec Iso100
Introducing flash can produce interesting results to simple compositions. This dining fork with three Fusilli pastas is actually in full daylight. By using the camera’s maximum sync speed and a small aperture, the scene is rendered as total black. Adding flash from beneath at low power with a reflector positioned above lights up just the subject. Settings 50mm lens ISO 100 1/160sec f/16 speedlite at ¼ power.
Windy days and branches go well together but capturing a usable image can be difficult unless you are prepared to make sacrifices. By this I mean increasing the ISO to obtain blazingly fast shutter speeds in order to freeze the subject. This Japanese Quince flower and the branch were in constant motion. By using a wide aperture, the background blurred leaving enough of the subject to make a decent image. Settings ISO 800 1/4000sec f/2