This landscape of the view from the Wilford Bridge walk on the River Deben at Melton Suffolk is also from the Sony A330 and 18-55mm lens. Settings: ISO 800…1/1000sec…f/11
The pond at the car park at Orford Ness Suffolk when framed correctly in winter sun produces stunning results, especially when using vintage glass. The lens used is the Derek Gardner 28mm produced in 1974, adapted for use on the Sony A35 translucent system. Settings: ISO 100…1/125sec f/16
This lone fishing boat moored to a buoy on the estuary at Orfordness Suffolk with the December setting sun in the background. It has the WWII bomb testing Pagodas in the background. A stark contrast between peace and hostilities. Also taken with the Sony A35 and Derek Gardner 28mm vintage lens. Settings: ISO 100…1/640sec..F/16