Since retiring, I found I have time on my hands and with very little to occupy myself, I’ve explored the digital world. I have never considered myself to be artistic however, since picking up a camera, I find myself intrigued by what can be seen through a lens and the number of unique images to be exctracted from one single viewpoint.
The crop sensor 2005 Sony A100 DSLR with the Minolta 50mm Macro lens are considered by today’s standards to be vintage, yet despite their age, they are still capable of producing high quality images of a comparable quality to their modern equivalents. Coupled with lenses dating from 1970 to 1990, I find this camera produces a more softer, subtle looking image.
This “Garlic Mustard” was found in the compost area of my garden. The camera used for this image was the 2009 crop sensor Sony A330 with the Sony DT18-55 lens. Using the widest aperture and an exposure compensation of-2/3, the unsightly fence in the background becomes dark and blurred leaving a pleasing flower image. Settings: ISO 400…1/2500sec…f/4.5